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Platform Delivery

Platform Delivery

Our innovative platform provides easy course assembly, authoring capabilities, activity creation, assessment delivery with auto-grading, and discipline-specific tools to create and deliver engaging learning experiences for all types of educators. Designed with learners in mind, a full set of student study tools encourage classroom engagement and content retention.

Platform Licensing

Platform Licensing

panOpen Education’s licensing options provide publishers with the ideal platform to house and deliver all types of content at scale. Our affordable technology allows for easy conversion of traditional textbooks to fully-developed courses and discipline-specific toolsets allow you to tailor needs to any type of learning experience.

A better way to deliver and use educational resources


Flexible delivery technology

We make it easy for you to control your course content by modularly remixing, adapting, and redeploying courses and their resources in new ways and destinations.


Custom content blend

We support multiple sources and types of learning resources including open content, custom design, licensed materials, institutional resources, your own work, or a blend of any of these sources.


Growing network of partners

With our network of partners, we manage an ever-expanding database of content and materials to meet your specific educational and skills-building needs.

How we do it:
By giving publishers and content creators control

We help publishers, course builders, and educators modularly remix and redeploy all their educational content.

Effective and
engaging learning experiences

Whether it’s an Anatomy 101 course, a Professional Communication certificate, or a blend of both, learners access what they need to move forward.

Highlight important text

Students can highlight important concepts for quick review.


Create and share notes

Create study guides and enable class communication


Check your understanding

Learners self-assess content retention with this interative feature


Watch videos

Embedded videos make the content more relevant

Meets accessibility standards

Meets WCAG 2.1 and ADA web accessibility standards


A tailored instructional experience

Educators have the flexibility to create the experience
their learners need

Add interactive media & links

Integrate videos, links, animations, PowerPoint or Google slides


Upload documents

Integrate learning materials that meet your specific needs.


Reorder, remix, and modify textbooks

Drag and drop to rearrange entire chapters and sections

Customize and collaborate

Edit materials and collaborate with colleagues in real time

A full-featured learning platform

 Sync grades, manage assignments, and track students’ progress

Single sign-on & gradebook syncing

Students can sign up for panOpen directly from your Learning Management System (LMS) and faculty can easily sync grades between the two.


Students stick to the schedule you set

Set release dates and due dates for any component in the panOpen platform, including assessments.


Review & track your students' progress

Faculty can track student progress, see assessment scores, and view analytics that show how students are engaging with content.


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